Friday, May 3, 2013

Odee O Releases Child's Play Mixtape Album + Track LIsting

Child's Play Mixtape Album Official Tracklisting:
 1. Glory 2. Don't Just Be A Star f. Jasmine Sullivan 3. I Really Do This Shit f. A-Dash 4. Devilish Interruptions 5. I Don't Mean It Rmx Quesfire f. Maskerade, Odee O 6. Rachet Bait f. A-Dash 7. Bum Bitch 8. Season of Love 9. R.I.P J Dilla Dedication (Yesterday Freestyle) 10. Best Kept Secret 11. Niggaz Ain't Vampin' Right 12. Coporate Money 13. Child's Play 14. Cash Hoes Drugs 15. Start Over f. Dj Stylz (Started from the Bottom Freestyle)

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